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Hard Rock La Jolla

Hard Rock Cafe La Jolla — CLOSED
Established: 12/11/1988 — Disestablished: 10/13/2008
Former Address: FORMERLY AT 909 Prospect Street #100, La Jolla, CA
My first visit visit: July 15th, 1992



When visiting my first Hard Rock in Maui, I noticed on the menu that there were several other locations across the globe. Unfortunately, none of them were anywhere near me, so it was nearly two years before I had the opportunity to visit another property.

Originally known as the Hard Rock Cafe San Diego (until San Diego got their own in 1998), this cafe was actually located in the beautiful beach community of La Jolla about 20 minutes north (or much, much longer if the traffic was bad!).

The property itself was kind of ¬†middle-of-the-road both inside and out. The interior looked like a Hard Rock, but never quite felt like a Hard Rock to me. During my many visits the service was typically glacially slow even when the restaurant wasn’t busy. But, even despite it all, I still loved the great location and never passed on an opportunity to visit. The one thing I remember most about this cafe is that the chocolate shakes were consistently thick and tasty. In the end, I don’t know how well the property fit into La Jolla, but I will certainly miss it.

Location Map...

Former Address: FORMERLY AT 909 Prospect Street #100, La Jolla, CA
Former Coordinates: 32.846295, -117.275322
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